do it better.

i wasn’t happy with my first attempted outcome. i looked at my phrase “it’s been done before” and felt that it emphasised on the negative far more than the positive moral.

i changed the one thing i have learned in my life so far to, “do it better”. this gives a much better message to think on, as well as implying that whatever you are doing has been done before.

taking more inspiration from sagmeister, my final outcome will be put out into the environment, where it can interact and communicate with the public. as ultimately the best place for a response of human learning is in human space.

it has been done poorly.

this is my first idea exploration for “it has been done before”. to create this piece, i bought an old ‘lamplight collection of modern art’ series from the local second hand shop. i cleaned them up and arranged them in order to take photos in my ‘home studio’, which consists of some white boards and some desk lamps.


chosen photo
shopped photo








after i had taken the photo, i took it into photoshop to edit out the carpet as well as paste in the phrase “it has been done before” onto the cover of one of the books. i felt that the photo was not visually interesting enough, so i applied a warm red monotone to match the original colour of the books.

i am not happy with the end result of this idea exploration. i chose the books in order to communicate the main theme of my phrase, however now that i can see the final piece i feel that it is unsuccessful in doing so. although my final response is open to interpretation as long as it’s 3d, i want it to be more typographically based.

back to the sketchbook i go.

it has been done before.

my outcome has to be a 3D piece, so it can’t just be hand rendered. i will use photography as a means of response.

in order to create my outcome i need to think and experiment with some concepts based on how  “it has been done before”. my initial thoughts were that of work being copied, this led into the notion of famous artists’ work being imitated.

this would be a successful response as it would capture the concept of something being done before. as well as the purpose of the designer being to tackle these problems.

a thing you have learned in your life so far.

i am going to produce a typographic response inspired by stefan sagmeister’s book, ‘things i have learned in my life so far’.

to successfully answer this brief i need to cut through the shit that everyone learns as they grow up and think of a life lesson more personal to me.

i figured that a lesson i have learned and encounter a lot in my field of study, is the fact that “everything has been done before“. whether in reference to work or to a hobby. however it is my job as a designer to battle and improve the work that i approach. i want my typographic response to reflect this “silver lining” alongside my phrase.