i have been thinking and generating ideas on what subject would interest a significant amount of people. i have been looking at the topics of design / technology / culture. what is something that has rarely been covered, yet still draws a lot of interest?

neon lights.

neon lights have a very unique aesthetic. they are used in a variety of cultures and are still made today even though they are technically obsolete due to the discovery of led’s. i have presented my idea in the form of a pecha kucha, in order to gain feedback on my idea and also to generate a stronger narrative, and decide which direction to take my book.

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everything about one thing.

i am going to make a book.

a book based on one object, word or idea. one which i can observe, analyse, take to pieces and deconstruct. i will include every detail that will make this book complete. 

i need to come up with an object or subject that i know will interest and engage an audience. i will look into what i have been interested in exploring in the past. what will absorb and engage a society obsessed with bite sized amount of information, and keep them interested from cover to cover.