i have been thinking and generating ideas on what subject would interest a significant amount of people. i have been looking at the topics of design / technology / culture. what is something that has rarely been covered, yet still draws a lot of interest?

neon lights.

neon lights have a very unique aesthetic. they are used in a variety of cultures and are still made today even though they are technically obsolete due to the discovery of led’s. i have presented my idea in the form of a pecha kucha, in order to gain feedback on my idea and also to generate a stronger narrative, and decide which direction to take my book.

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everything about one thing.

i am going to make a book.

a book based on one object, word or idea. one which i can observe, analyse, take to pieces and deconstruct. i will include every detail that will make this book complete. 

i need to come up with an object or subject that i know will interest and engage an audience. i will look into what i have been interested in exploring in the past. what will absorb and engage a society obsessed with bite sized amount of information, and keep them interested from cover to cover.


do it better.

i wasn’t happy with my first attempted outcome. i looked at my phrase “it’s been done before” and felt that it emphasised on the negative far more than the positive moral.

i changed the one thing i have learned in my life so far to, “do it better”. this gives a much better message to think on, as well as implying that whatever you are doing has been done before.

taking more inspiration from sagmeister, my final outcome will be put out into the environment, where it can interact and communicate with the public. as ultimately the best place for a response of human learning is in human space.

it has been done before.

my outcome has to be a 3D piece, so it can’t just be hand rendered. i will use photography as a means of response.

in order to create my outcome i need to think and experiment with some concepts based on how  “it has been done before”. my initial thoughts were that of work being copied, this led into the notion of famous artists’ work being imitated.

this would be a successful response as it would capture the concept of something being done before. as well as the purpose of the designer being to tackle these problems.