it has been done poorly.

this is my first idea exploration for “it has been done before”. to create this piece, i bought an old ‘lamplight collection of modern art’ series from the local second hand shop. i cleaned them up and arranged them in order to take photos in my ‘home studio’, which consists of some white boards and some desk lamps.


chosen photo
shopped photo








after i had taken the photo, i took it into photoshop to edit out the carpet as well as paste in the phrase “it has been done before” onto the cover of one of the books. i felt that the photo was not visually interesting enough, so i applied a warm red monotone to match the original colour of the books.

i am not happy with the end result of this idea exploration. i chose the books in order to communicate the main theme of my phrase, however now that i can see the final piece i feel that it is unsuccessful in doing so. although my final response is open to interpretation as long as it’s 3d, i want it to be more typographically based.

back to the sketchbook i go.


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